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About us

Creativity is key when it comes to giving you the most unique and interesting content possible. That is why we pride ourselves with our ability to provide you with the most creative and fun concepts each and every time, whether it is for maps, quests or models!

A keen eye for detail is what separates us from the crowd. We believe, as much as it is important to have a lively world there is nothing worse than one that seems bland. Therefore, we will always ensure that our content contains not only fun quests and models but the detail that makes it feel like a real harmoniously built world!

Reliability and efficiency play a crucial role when it comes to bigger projects, and nothing is worse than your partner being unreliable or unpunctual. That is why we follow a structured approach, ensuring that no time is wasted and everything goes according to schedule!

We are a team of experienced builders and designers. The history of Team Ethyria covers nearly half a decade of experience in world building, modelling, quest writing, and atmosphere and environmental design. With a wide range of building styles in our repertoire, and no stranger to large scale projects, we are the right partner for you!

Our designs are as realistic as possible and are inspired by real life examples. We are therefore able to provide you with a much more realistic and immersive environment, enticing players to explore our worlds with more curiosity and joy!

All of our quests and storylines are written by us and are tailor made to suit the intention and theme of the map. We aim to come up with new and interesting story and quest ideas each and every time, and avoid repetition of already existing quests or storylines. Each time you play one of our maps you can expect something new and truly exciting!


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